Join me, Blair, in a uniquely Kiwi experience, fishing for some of the finest trout on the planet.

Aotearoa/New Zealand’s fly fishing is difficult at times and yet so rewarding. I give my best every day on and off the water so that we can work as a team to land stunning browns and feisty, clean mountain rainbows.

I’m a late 30’s trout bum and NZPFGA accredited guide who grew up on a farm and have worked guiding, in conservation, landscaping and have been involved in the fly industry since my late teens. I studied botany, ecology and geology before realising that the river was the one thing I needed in my life as a constant.

Having spent my fishing career throughout the South (occasionally overseas and in the North Island) I’ve come to realise that that I was lucky enough to be born into one of the most incredible environments and a totally unique fishery.

My approach to fly fishing other than searching for our spectacular trout in our most unique and diverse land is based upon fly development. It sees me at the vice most days and I normally take it on the road. Having patterns taken on by Feather Merchants almost 20 years ago was a great boost for my young ego. Having seen the refusals come on a popular pattern has seen me step away from broadcasting my work and concentrating on form and footprints.

Much of my time was spent in the far south, however, I fell for the Nelson area after multiple trips to visit family and spend time in these rugged bush clad valleys. The intricacies of fishing this district are many and the rewards greater than any area I’ve fished or guided. As returning anglers will know, it gets under your skin, for newbies, welcome to a life-long addiction.

I like a great mix throughout the season so feel free to book either a day or multi day trip and explore the rolling foothills of the Motueka Valley, the rugged Kahurangi or Nelson Lakes, or get on board with a longer trip traversing some of my favourite slots in this beautiful island, Te Wai Pounamu.

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